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It's been a bit of work but I'm finally putting some miles on her....... mixed emotions as while this is a very capable car when driven aggressively the car is a bit of a bear in the normal traffic duties..... I sent my money to Evans Tuning for his expert help..... EP3/RSX K20a3 Hondata base maps have many of features turned off and the only way to do things like change speedometer is to start with the K20a2 maps, this is getting done and I also need to figure out why my scangauge2 isn't reading the ecu..... I did have to run one wire to the OBD2 port for emissions so maybe I need another....

so far on 3 consecutive tanks (longest ever) I'm averaging 33 mpg +/- 3%, meh
2001 Insight 11.5:1 K20a3 turbo / 2003 Civic 4x4
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