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Get to your highest gear as quickly as you can but without using much gas. This is trial and error to find. In a Lite car that should be easy. Pulsing hills works but if done the right way. Not all vehicles are Equal..
The fact that Every hill should have a peak works in my area well. I don't increase much fuel before the incline but I do increase speed, about 5 to 10mph "a Hair more of Pedal" almost to the point of going up it. Once Your climbing Let off your pedal but keep your foot at your Max MPG speed which ever that maybe, 43 45 47 etc. Hold your pedal just like if you were on flat land. A Tach makes it Easier to find. You should loose speed climbing, and once at the peak let off your pedal.
This works the best for my Heavy 6000lb van which loves gaining speed downhill because of all the LBS pushing it down the hill. A slight down slope it will increase speed.

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