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EcoMaster-ASE Master
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2000 Saturn SL - '00 Saturn SL
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Hoveround - '03 Hoveround MPV4 Loaded
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Get to your highest gear as quickly as you can but without using much gas. This is trial and error to find. In a Lite car that should be easy. Pulsing hills works but if done the right way. Not all vehicles are Equal..
The fact that Every hill should have a peak works in my area well. I don't increase much fuel before the incline but I do increase speed, about 5 to 10mph "a Hair more of Pedal" almost to the point of going up it. Once Your climbing Let off your pedal but keep your foot at your Max MPG speed which ever that maybe, 43 45 47 etc. Hold your pedal just like if you were on flat land. A Tach makes it Easier to find. You should loose speed climbing, and once at the peak let off your pedal.
This works the best for my Heavy 6000lb van which loves gaining speed downhill because of all the LBS pushing it down the hill. A slight down slope it will increase speed.

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It smells funny in here.
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GeeOh - '97 Geo Metro Base
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Well, in my Geo "a hair more pedal" does not increase speed on an incline, even a gentle one. At 10 on the vac guage I am just barely maintaining 55mph on level, open road. Holding it there on the frequent gentle slopes I encounter on the Wisconsin County Hwys I'm driving most will drop me 45mph, and on the slightly steeper ones I drop below that quickly. On those I'll downshift to 4th while still holding 10 on the vac and wind up cresting sometimes as low as 35mph.

Holding speed on the upslopes requires dropping to 4 or 5 on the vac, and acceleration requires 2 or less. I have not been doing that except where traffic makes it unavoidable.

On the downsides I'll either hold at 10 to get back up to the 50-55 range if another upslope is coming, or back off closer to 15 and gradually creep up to that same range if it looks flat ahead. Once I am out on the flat things settle back down to around 10 on the vac to hold speed, just.

I have been EOC where I can, mostly as I come into towns where the speed limit is dropping gradually 55-45-30-25, or where I am approaching a turn from one highway onto another.

No idea if any of this is most efficient, but seems to be the best I can do until I get the real-time MPG data going.

Re-reading what I have written above, it sounds like I am going for 55mph as my target, and I guess you could say I am, but the way it all works out DWL I am spending a lot more time around 45mph than I am at 55. This doesn't bother me -- the short runs I make on these local highways are perfect for driving a slower average speed, as it is hardly going to change my total trip time at all-- but it definitely bothers the hell out of traffic behind me on these 2-lanes, so I am a little concerned about that. There are many easy passing zones and plenty of openings to use them, but it seems to really piss some people off to have to do so, however easy it may be. The 30 or 40 seconds they get held up behind me waiting for the next passing opportunity is apparently extremely frustrating to them. Thats the root of my at least trying to hit 55 (which is still too slow for everybody, but I'm not going to apologize for driving the posted limit) rather than just outright driving 45, which I could maintain much more easily in this terrain.

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