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Another Altenator thread-smart charging using tilt sensor

I am thinking of a idea to control battery charging with an incinometer ( tilt sensor).

Idea is to only allow the altenator to charge the battery when car is going down hill or braking. It could be adjusted to a certain grade.

This is what I want-

Going down hill- charging
Using brakes - charging

Going uphill- not charging
Going on level land-not charging
Sitting at redlight- not charging

Voltage drops below 12.4- charging

I think I can do this with an ardunio and a tilt sensor, along with a relay to cut the field current on the altenator.

I don't want to use the brake light switch to trigger charging because then it would charge while waiting at red light, I would rather it only charge when there is energy going to waste.

I believe I might get a warning light on the dash when it's not charging, but that might not be a bug, but a feature. It will allow me to see when it's charging or not.

My question is do Tilt sensors sense tilt when the car is breaking?

Only fault I see is car would charge while at a redlight and facing down hill.

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