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The $850 Accord sold before I could look at it.

I drove down, got lunch with my girlfriend, needed a nap, and didn't make time to test-drive a Prius, but I am positive the now $1,400 one doesn't shift right--or whatever CVTs do.

I guess you aren't supposed to notice them shifting because they have infinite gears.

I looked for cars after my nap and didn't see anything interesting and decided to check one last time.

$2,700 is too much for this 2002 Accord, right?

It looks good, but it is just a nicer and slightly-newer version of my car with 20,000 fewer miles--and leather seats, which I have never wanted.

I pulled up Brave because I can use KBB there without excessive problems due to intolerance of my ad blocker. The last car that I viewed was a 2001 Accord with 200,000 miles.

$2,700 was way too much.

However, Kelley says that a car just one year newer, with the same mileage, is somehow worth much more!

So, for academia's sake:


Yeah. That's weird.
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