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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The lower income people don't just have cost of purchase to contend with, but the fact that apartments are built as cheaply as possible, meaning they aren't equipped to charge EVs.

Public charging infrastructure usually is fairly expensive; like 5x more expensive than charging at home.
I'm running into this very problem.
This is one reason I decided against a Volt.
Public charging would cost me $63 to "fill up" at 30 cents a minute, and would amount to $2.28 per mile of EV traveled. ( Figure around 28 miles of EV range on an old Volt battery )

So effectively like getting one mile per gallon cost wise.

Not to mention the chargers are always blocked "ICEd in "or broken.

Free charging ? Good luck finding that, and especially so when everyone is required to charge up.

Here in Austin the EV chargers are located in really poorly thought out spots, such as one at the front entrance to a liquor store.

Yeah - I'm gonna leave my car parked in front of a liquor store for three hours.
You would come back to find someone camping out in the back seat, vomiting all over it.
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