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I have a goal to increase my average MPG up to 25. Right now we've been averaging between 15.2 and 16.7 depending on the mix of driving. Yes, I realize that's a 50-60% increase which would be insane. But I think I can do it with a few modifications I have in mind. Also, according to my garage, I used to get 19.8 average so I'm already halfway there!

First aero mod is to fix up the belly. A nearly-full belly pan to cover up the engine bay and front half of the vehicle. I have tons of cloroplast from a store liquidation I was a part of years ago that I specifically saved for this project so I'm finally going to get to use it!

The middle seems pretty straight forward. There are two crossmembers that I can attach to spanning the frame (didn't get a good pic of the second one, but you get the idea).

The belly pan will also go full width from side step to side step, wherever possible. The underside of the side steps have little brackets that I think I'll be able to attach to and then the frame on the other side.

Where I'm seeing a problem is how to do a belly pan in the rear. I'm just not seeing anywhere I can attach to between the gas tank on the driver side, the monstrosity of a muffler on the passenger side and the spare tire in the middle behind the rear axle. Not to mention giving space for the suspension to move.

I would also like your guy's advice with the cloroplast distance from the exhaust. If I attach to the cross member, I would only have about 1-1/2 to 2 inches of clearance between the hot stuff and the plastic. In your guy's experience is this enough space or should I leave a cut out around that area?
I know if I ever upgrade to a metal pan, I can just go all the way across.

I've read through many threads and online articles, but any insight, advice, do's and don'ts, don't forget abouts, anything is always helpful and welcome!

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