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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
The story of pollution the past century — of which we can’t get enough — is electricity. Or call it radiation. EMF.

The dial keeps getting turned up. Air, water and ground pollution are investigated for catalytic effects. Modified to be so.

If it “requires” electricity . . . it ain’t what it seems.

Music, first and foremost. Have to plug in to play? Then it ain’t music, just ffng around with voltage potentials.

From servant to master in under a century. Is electricity. In what today passes as thinking or emoting. But isn’t. (Free electricity will be the most expensive bargain ever purchased).

The Phoenician Navy has (what is it?) four or five thousand years of modern experience. And the records barred to everyone else detailing several tens of thousands before that.

Stories to excite the imagination are just trials to set the dials

I don't believe there are any examples of written language predating Sumer.
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