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Came full circle on the rail pressure strategy and found I had bottomed out with the mpg's never really changing from the 20.5~21 mpg range. Would occasionally get 21.5. Decided to go the other direction with it and saw positive results right away getting into the mid 22's. Looking to go further I revisited the bed seal issue I had and decided to put those bed seals back in play but only down to the body line on the bed that goes the length of the truck. Effectively removing turbulence at the cab/bed area above that body line with everything below it was unchanged. I also reinstalled the 2nd air dam I built.

What that (2nd air dam & bed seals) gave me is the ability to now coast down a lot more hills that I couldnt otherwise (same as back when I was in the bet with co-worker). With 90 miles already on the tank, I milked the carp out of it and was rewarded with a 2nd best tank ever of 23.654 mpg's. Thinking that maybe 24's might be achievable on a regular basis as IATs are no where near ideal (70's to 80's, best for my truck is 95+).

Anyways, updated for the next guy...
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