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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
That went way over your head.
That's probably true, however your response doesn't help me to focus more specifically.
The Parker Solar Probe would be investigating some of the 4% of mass we can sense/ detect in the corona. Electrons, protons, atomic nuclei, neutral hydrogen, ionized hydrogen, particles, magnetized plasma, flares, coronal mass ejection, magnetic sheets, Parker spirals, plages / faculae, irradiance, solar neutrinos, muon-type neutrinos, electron neutrinos, tau-type neutrinos, r-Modes, Rossby waves, inertial oscillations, Coriolis effect, vorticity, convection, ephemeral active regions, x-point magnetic-field topological annihilations, super-heated thin-filament ejection, magnetrohydrodynamics, moats, sunspots, ultraviolet photons, infrared photons, visible photons, X-ray photons, antipodal magnetic fields, synchrotron photons, solar radio photons, solar radio-burst, gamma-ray photons, gravity-lensing, Magnetic periodicies, wave superposition, rogue waves, Alfve'n waves, interplanetary magnetic field, magnetic field storm orientation, upper-atmospheric nitrates, solar wind, latitudinal photospheric rotation, coronal holes, bow- shock compressions, rarifactions, overtaking shockwaves, edge effects, Alfe'n MACH number, ram pressure, stationary draping pattern, wake, current sheets, whistler-type waves, MACH cones.......... the dark side of the Sun.
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