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Sun turns black

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
aerohead -- Looks like your catching up in the thread. The way the Bible describes it, the Sun turns black, as a shell of materials is ejected and by the time it reaches Earth it's turned into major impactors that were thought to be cyclic asteroid rains. That doesn't fit the facts.

At 1:59 He uses the expression 'cools and congeals' to describe it.
Anyone on Earth, who's witnessed a solar eclipse, understands that for the Sun to 'blacken' the ejecta coming from the Sun's ecliptic 'equator' would have to be as large as the Sun itself.
And it would just have to coincide with the Sun/ Earth intercept periodicy, with Earth rotating every 24-hours, and the Sun, every 26-days.
Since the ejecta would follow a radial path, it's constituent parts would be self-diluting themselves as 1- divided by the square of the distance between Sun and Earth. Or, one, divided by 93,000,000 X 93,000,000, compared to the radius of the Sun, in miles.
A mouse fart on a cotton ball by the time it reaches us.
Astrophysicists HAVE observed star flares, that had they been on the Sun could have sterilized all life on Earth. It's not actionable information though. At 1,937,500-mph, they'd be here in short time, and there' no where to go.
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