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ancient civilization

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Lets go with that. If the only "black sun event" the ancient people ever saw was just an eclipse then why does every ancient civilization believe that a blacking sun is the end of the world if all they have ever seen is a solar eclipse where nothing happens?
It doesn't add up.
Ancient beliefs would have to be considered within the context of their particular time and culture.
An end of the world would tell on itself, so, anyone espousing that might lose all credibility within a few hours should the community survive.
Within the context of human evolution, Carl Sagan wrote about a time when humans could only be out at night, as they were prey animals, and the cover of night afforded some safety, with the exception of nocturnal predators.
The human triune brain hasn't evolved, and darkness may still trigger real fears from hundreds of thousands of years ago.
A 100-day 'night' though, would have extinguished life on Earth.
Before 'atmosphere', during the Heavy Bombardment Period, meteors rained down continuously. They were leftover remnants of the solar systems accretion disc.
Every now again, some errant comet or asteroid comes in from afar. Large impactors.
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