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So far my bike is cheaper than my car

But then again I have dumped way to much money in my car this year. I can't say I got the bike for mileage reasons but it is the only thing I own that I trust to take a trip around the entire planet on. The DR650 is the best all around bike you can get.

Bike was $4650, All the money I have spent modifying and maintaining the bike is prob $1500 total over 15,000 miles last year on it, but now I am done modifying it and it is exactly how I want it. Car is probably close to $8k just this year. Not counting all the money spent on it the previous years. Insurance for the bike is $250 a year full coverage, car is $60 a month liability.

That cost isn't counting the safety gear I wear while riding. I never ride anywhere without all my safety gear on. I normally wear an Olympia AST jacket and Airglide pants, they have CE armor and are very well made. Also armored Cortech gloves, Acerbis X-tight boots, and other random bits that get swapped out depending on the weather and temperature. I am the only person I know of around here that really rides ATGATT and rides year round even in the snow. I have low sided my bike at 40mph and didn't get a scratch on me and nothing unrepairable to the bike

I guess if you only count the cost to maintain the bike and car and not the upgrades my bike still comes out cheaper than my car. I guess bigger bikes cost more to maintain but this one is pretty much just tires and oil. If anyone asks I tell them that the right bike can save a good bit of money but really most of the big bikes people want to buy end up costing more to ride than even a giant suv station wagon.

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