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World's fastest EV motorcycle

White Motorcycle Concepts WMC has the most unique aerodynamic solution to break the world land speed record for an electric semi-streamlined motorcycle. Designed to reach 250+ mph/402+ kmh , because of a 69% reduction in drag in a typical faired-body motorcycle design.
Top speeds are always about aerodynamic drag, always needing more power needed to overcome that wall. WMC 250 EV bodywork has been laser-scanned and designed around a leather-cladded rider in an extreme racing crouch. The rider is straddling on top of a carbon fiber Venturi tunnel, running throughout the whole length of the motorcycle. Their wind tunnel sculpting and tuning, punches the air with a drag coefficient of 0.118! All of the suspension, electric motors and batteries are jammed under the tunnel and in between the wheelbase. Front wheel is powered by two 20 kW motors on each side & hydraulic hub-steered and the rear wheel is chain-driven by two 30 kW electric motors. The battery is 15 kWh pack because it also has two-wheeled regenerative braking. Their record attempt will be in the Bolivian salt flats in 2022.

They have patented their 'V-Air' Big-Hole motorcycle aero technology for street use!

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