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' magnetic pulses' and earthquakes

This caused my remaining synapse to fire.
For 2015, New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow, and Warner Brothers released the motion picture, ' SAN ANDREAS', written by Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore.
Actor Paul Giamatti played the character, Dr. Lawrence Hayes, Professor of Seismology, at California Institute of Technology ( CALTECH ), who, along with his colleague had come up with a hypothesis linking 'magnetic pulse rate' with earthquake occurrence.
The director of the film mentioned ' unproven theories' about earthquakes, and that seismologists at the University of California at Los Angeles ( UCLA )' Earth, Planetary & Earth Sciences college of Geophysics, had consulted on the film, as Cal Tech had consulted on the 1951 motion picture, 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' ( chalkboard calculations on both films represented respective, state-of-the-art mathematical models for their particular disciplines ).
If you go the the UCLA website today, under Geophysics, you find that the university IS involved with 'magnetics' and magnetometers, however, those activities are limited to space-probes around the solar system, not Earth. There is no specific mention of 'magnetism' associated with any of their terrestrial seismological research.
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