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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
If it's only first and you can use other gears, particularly 2nd, either the fork or some vapid shifter adjustment like on a VW. If the owner has been driving it, you'll need a clutch disc, but since the'00s, the tranny has to come out anyways.

You can disconnect the front stub axles if you want
The only gear that works right now is 1st...

The guy claims he's the second owner. It has 280k miles. But is claimed to be from the dry part of Texas and is practically rust free.

It also comes with another van or two worth of parts (axles, differentials, engine parts, seats, etc.)

1991 Previa Van

Can the front axles be disconnected? I do believe the "transfer case" is just a differential that needs both front and rear connected to work. But if there's a way to disconnect it, especialy for summer driving, that would be great, assuming I buy the thing.

If I bought it I would sell the Prius.
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