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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
UHD (4K) resolution at 120Hz is becoming pretty common, mainly because of hype. And again, you can get computers that will game like that in California.

For a person who knows more about how people see things, UHD (4K) is a joke for the most part.

As many gamers have found out, the best gaming screens were the old VGA style tube CRT monitors. Those could do FHD (1080p) and frame rates of up and lit up only brefely making the blacking more like 99% (or better) of the time.
The best non-crt gaming screens are still mostly 1440p

Even this ďthingĒ that is top of consumer land isnít really 4K and donít be surprised if 8k rears into this space despite not being able to push more triangles to use it.
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