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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
1) Solar physicists continuously monitor the entire electromagnetic spectrum:
* absolute radiometry
* ephemereal active regions
* faculae/ moats/ plage fields
* infrared luminosity
* magnetohydrodynamics
* visible luminosity
* ultraviolet luminosity
* radio activity
* X-ray flux
* Gamma-ray flux
* Heliospheric magnetic field flux
* neutrinos
* photospheric latitudinal rotation
* plasma
* sunspots
* Alfve'n waves
* Parker spirals
* solar wind
* whistler-type waves
* I've read of 60- terrestrial atoms which exist as un-bounded atomic nuclei, electrons, and protons in the Sun's plasma, solar wind, flares, and CMEs.
* Most intersteller/ intergalactic particles ( cosmic 'rays' ) are stopped dead, 100- Astronomical Units from the Sun, at the Heliopause. Neutral particles are immune, and stream right into the solar system. Neutrinos blow right through us.
* The cosmic 'rays' which get to us, react in the upper atmosphere, while down below ( at 8-miles ), we experience mainly secondary particles created up in the thermosphere ( 350-405-miles up )
From the literature, I'm given to understand that, climate, general circulation models, are primarily concerned with visible and ultraviolet light.
Visible light, albedo, and the 'parasol-effect' go hand in hand as far as directly-reflected radiation to space.
Ultraviolet radiation, once it 'touches' Earth, is converted to long-wave, infrared radiation, which cannot escape though greenhouse gases and back into space. The greenhouse effect.
Other branches of solar physics concern themselves with space weather: Carrington events, planet sterilizing flares, and Coronal Mass Ejections, etc..
And it all gets ignored by the "climate scientists". They still use the known debunked solar irradiance study from 1996, you know the one that's been deleted off university online libraries on account of it being debunked and retraced.
If all cosmic rays are stopped 100 au out what is the "oh my god particle"?
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