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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I know it's complicated.

What's that about instant coupling through the height of the atmosphere part, I don't get that.

I understand how the electromagnetic effects flow up in a high pressure cell and downward in a low. And Hadley cells and all that.
1) Are we talking about 'instant' electromagnetic coupling, aero coupling, or static charges building on the anvil of a supercell?
2) Any change in the magnitude of geomagnetic lines of flux would be telegraphed instantaneously, as this is a 'field'.
3) Atmospheric 'coupling' would have to do with diurnal solar-driven, and land/sea infrared emission-driven, convective aerodynamic mixing between the land/ sea-surface and top of the stratosphere.
4) Electrostatic charges / lightning, are a function of atmospheric friction/ ionization, in the upper atmosphere.
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