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BlackDeuceCoupe you are right on the money! but really I have no heard of many honda d series head gasket issues. In comparison with Saturn and GM with their lost foam casting cylinder head (porosity problems) and first gen neons there are hardly any d series head gasket issues.
I have personally overheated a d series on several occasions and never had an issue.

My dad is an engine machinist and probably has done more cylinder head reconditioning than anyone else in Canada has seen more 2.8/3.1/3.4 GM V6 cyl heads, Saturn/GM ECOTEC heads, and Neon heads than he could shake a stick at, his shop does all the dealer heads in London Ont. I could go on about what engines he sees alot of but one that he does not see are Honda engines, and if he does the honda heads are so nice that they usually do not even need to have 0.030" planed to take the warp out of the head surface.

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