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Originally Posted by flydude1221 View Post
BlackDeuceCoupe you are right on the money! but really I have no heard of many honda d series head gasket issues...
Yep! There's NOTHING wrong with Honda head gaskets!

The thing is, a blown head gasket in a Honda CiViC is the net result of a lot of other problems, e.g. the head gasket is usually last thing to go, not the first - and by then, the rest of the motor is owned. Sure, you can fix the head gasket, but the rods, pistons, rings, wrist-pins, blah, blah, blah, have all lost their temper (from overheating) and are shot!

Typically what happens is, you get your car running again, but now you got rod slap, leaks, blue smoke coming out the tailpipe, and all the rest of it.


Then, the head gasket goes again... or a rod blows, et cetera.

You're just way ahead of the game replacing the whole motor - and it's cheaper!
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