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I would really like to see some statistics on this. I know I see a lot of '80s and early '90s Honda Civics & CRXs on the roads, as well as Toyota pickups of the same age. (Heck, I OWN an '88 Toyota, and drove a CRX before buying my Insight.) So it ought to be fairly easy to e.g. pull out current registration numbers for those and see what percentage of those sold are still on the roads, and compare the result with some of those larger models.

PS: A quick check of the local Craigslist, for the first week of October. I looked for 1980s pickups: there were 4 Fords, average asking price $2380; 1 Chevy, $7900 (but the guy sounds like a real optimist :-)); and 7 Toyotas, $3742 average. More Toyotas than Ford & Chevy combined, at a higher average price.

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