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Originally Posted by MechEngVT View Post
Solar and wind are UNRELIABLE. You can't count on a clear sunny sky or a stiff breeze. You can't flip a switch and bring up wind or solar generation. They are neither suitable for baseload (core reliability) nor peak load (meet demand as demanded). That means they're just worthless.

Last time I checked, there are a few windy and sunny spots in the United States, there can be more than one wind farm and solar farm, with a nuclear power plant or two to supplement. I also believe that the energy produced by the farms can be stored for use during off peak hours, or when there is a shortage of sun or wind. You just need a good foundation/infrastructure to get it going and then there would be no shortage of energy.

Your statements are like those of the people when electricity was first (when Edison first designed the grid) being produced for consumers, "the amount of DC power we are able to produce limits the abilities of our system to just enough within the city limits". Now we have power to 99% of the nation, all the time, so all we need is a reliable way to store and transport the energy and we will be all set.
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