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Doofus M -

Originally Posted by Doofus McFancypants View Post

We are selling wind turbines like crazy - many are not the 1000's of unit wind farms but the 20 - 30 unit farms.

For the Reliability comment - there are places in this country where the WIND ALMOST ALWAYS blows - you need to remember these are 100's of feet in the air - on ground level you have trees / buildings that break up the airflow - but at a few hundred feet in certain areas - you have flow as pretty near to all the time as you can have.


Do you see lots of sales in Texas? Once when I was flying back to LA, the steward saw that I was reading an article on wind turbines. He told me that the incentives program in Texas was being used mostly by the rich cattle (and oil?!?!?) landowners. They would put up the windfarms and let the cows graze below. Because they have the land where the wind blows, they get a dual use out of the land.


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