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Time to build a small under tray for Gramps?

A couple of weeks ago I replaced clips 4-6 on Mom's car because it was dragging.
My brain insisted that I only needed to buy the plastic fastener that Toyota specified, but my Spider Sense told me to buy a variety pack!
I couldn't figure out why the 2-piece fasteners that were supposed to fit didn't fit, but some random GM 1-piece fasteners did, so now Mom's car is as good as new again!

At least in that one specific area!

All of a sudden I had the loud sound of plastic flapping from under my engine as I drove on the highway to see my client today!

I was pretty sure what the problem was when I pulled over and sure enough, as lifted SUVs and pickups flew past at 80 as I poked my head under my car I saw this beauty!

I figured that I knew exactly how to fix it as I called my client's mom, who had just sent a text informing me they had coronavirus at their house, so I drove slowly home, and found the rest of the fasteners.

As far as I can tell, I am missing all of the indicated fasteners, but one does not simply pop in replacement fasteners, the plastic around the hole is missing!

Seven people on Imgur told me to remove the aerodynamic aid, but you know better than that!

I cannot find them now, but when I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with Mom's car I found several people saying that Toyota knew what they were doing when they put that flimsy and fragile piece of plastic there, replace it properly!

One of those Imgur comments has 12 points, so it seems that people agree.

The first Google result was for a completely different car. His splash shield was supposed to be 1 piece, but it ripped in half, so he stitched the halves together with zip ties.

Some guy on Imgur says that he doesn't think that I have the skill to do that right.

Two people told me to buy a new car.

This is the new car! I needed to replace the last one because the ATF was low!

Right. Someone suggested removing it until I can replace it.

That is the simplest solution.


I still think that I will find the rest of the rolled plastic that I used for my air dam, or if I can't, finally open up the 24x48 sheet of ABS that I bought years ago, trim it, and melt the 3 pieces together. Maybe that will not hold forever, but hopefully the fasteners will keep everything in place until Half-Life 3 is released.

What do you guys think?

"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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