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I needed to wake up and fix it to drive to my appointment at the VA.

Someone said they tapped the holes for the plastic fasteners to receive small bolts, but these held for 17 years, so I will just repair and reinstall.

Someone on Imgur said "Just take it in the dealer and have them replace it, or buy one and replace it yourself, it's pretty easy."

The friendly neighborhood dealership would charge $275.60. The best price that Google Shopping showed me was $196.

Amazon will ship a set for $33.50, but as someone on Imgur wrote: "Skid plates aren't worth skimping, I'd get a new OEM one. They protect your vitals, if whatever hit that plate hit what it was protecting your car would out of commission."

Toyota actually calls it a radiator splash guard, so I am sure that it protects the radiator from rocks.

Remember what happened to my Civic when the radiator went out?!
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