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04-03-2007, 06:20 Pm

OK, so what Metro parts are leftover to sell?
Not enough to pay for replacing the batteries we're sure to murder as we figure all of this out!

(But because you asked: mainly, just a relatively new gas tank.)

Originally Posted by RH77
Bystander: "Bull****. Really? Awesome!"
Yeah - that was classic. Couldn't have scripted it any better if i'd tried.

And yes, I edited. It was 95% "real" footage of the maiden voyage, but I went back the next day to get 2 specific shots that didn't turn out (notice the part where the car first rolls out of the garage, shown from the side? My shirt is a different colour in that bit than in the rest! There are a couple of other "continuity" errors that aren't hard to miss if you like looking for that stuff.)

So regarding the battery pack inequalities, what can be done (cheaply and easily) to prevent this problem?
1) Frequent "equalizing" charges - which is hard on the "good" batteries;

2) individually charge the duds - which is a pain in the butt;

3) add battery regulators (electronics) that shunts charge to the weaker ones - which is $, or you have to be somewhat skilled in electronics, which I ain't;

4) keep taking in used batts and evicting the worst ones from the pack;

5) buy a new matched set of batts.

I'm leaning towards #4, since we're in no panic to have the car in regular service yet.

Do you need all batts to run? ...or can you run on x-number until discharged, switch to the next set, etc (or would that discharge them too quickly?)
If you're carrying say 8 batts in the vehicle, you'll get more range if you discharge them all at once than if you discharge them 4 at a time. "Peukert's effect."

Do you (or have plans to install) a Voltage readout inside?
Definitely. Drawing a battery down below a certain cell voltage under load will permanently damage it. The only way to know for sure is to be watching. (I haven't been. Batteries have already been (further) damaged than they were when we got 'em.

(EDIT: or you could have some smart electronics watching for you, and take over with a current limit over-ride to protect the pack if you discharge them too deeply.)

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