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2020 - '08 Chevy Tahoe H
Last 3: 18.4 mpg (US)

2021 - '08 Chevy Tahoe H
90 day: 17.08 mpg (US)

2022 - '08 chevy Tahoe LT
Last 3: 14.38 mpg (US)

2023 - '08 Chevy Tahoe
90 day: 25.57 mpg (US)
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Anyone else notice a HUGE loss in MPG, It's NOT your imagination

looks like they're using experimental fuels in the gas now and/or scamming with with E85 in the pumps...

looks like they're scamming us with HIGHER Ethanol in the gas?

Getting upto -38% to -33% loss in MPG lately..

my dads car was getting only 20mpg in his 4 banger (rated for 26 - 27 mpg Highway: 34 MPG) no matter how hard i hyper mile it i can't get passed 26 even if I time it to hit every green light i should be at lest get 30-32

on the Sonic it's getting 6-12MPG even though it's rated 25/34 hyw/28 combined mpg

the SUV has also been running fairly positive fuel trims 10-12 range

I all ready replace the throttle body, mass air flow , air filter, map/baro

I tried adding an artificial restriction to the intake and it went negative fuel trims...

a lot of reports of other people losing mpg as well as well as the smell of the fuel being less gas like

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