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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Comma AI is not an autonomous system. You can't take it and put it on a car without an autonomous system and have it drive. It is like a piggy-back ECU in that all it does is trick the signals in the factory system to get a different result.

The Level 2 systems automakers are putting in their cars are profitable.

Musk's mistake (or brilliance depending on perspective) was selling a system that will never be more than Level 3 as Level 5

Level 4 is technically achievable today and there are Level 4 systems on the road today driving. I just don't think the cost of Level 4 will get to the point were it makes sense for personal vehicles in this decade.

Reading their website Comma AI is very clearly Level 2, only if the base vehicle is Level 2 and limited to highway use.

There is a push for Level 4 because that is were the money is there to be made. The commercial space is where the money is at. An over-the-road truck with no driver to pay and no 11 hour per day limit could mint money for the fleet owner. Interstate driving is also the easiest use case for autonomous driver tech to meet.

Yup, Waymo is arguably level 4 autonomy
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