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Originally Posted by Phase View Post
Sorry for the late reply. Was literally in the middle of a 3500 mile round trip road trip out west here with 6 dollars a gallon gas lol. Ioniq was just guzzling it the whole time. Warmer temps seemed to help boost a little when I got to Arizona, but I ran into so many head winds that tanked my mpg.

I wish there were some after market hood looking aero side mirrors. I definitely want to build a rear wheel spat, but I wish I knew how much of a difference it would actually make. Also I wonder if making an after market spoiler in the back that angles farther down and extended out a little more, then lips up at the tip would help reduce the wake a lot more, without making a full boat tail. Iíve noticed that the back of Ioniq is pretty big when it comes to wake size versus a Prius prime and Tesla model 3 and obviously every other modern sedan
* Just pick a speed you'll be driving at, and a mpg you'd like to see at the pump, then we can scratch our collective heads, and see where it leads.
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