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60 @ 80

Originally Posted by Phase View Post
Ideally I’d like the 60 mpg at close to 80. A lot of long stretches in Idaho, neVada and utah, the speed limit is 80 but everyone’s got their car on cruise control between 85-90 mph. Obviously there’s no way I could get 60 mpg at 90 mph, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep 50-55 mpg while going that fast in the open desert lol. Have you seen what that one company did with the hypereconiq they claimed gets over 80mpg?
Thanks! Now we've got something to hammer on.
I've not heard anything about the 'hypereconiq' and 80+ mpg.
Are they hypermiling?
If so, that wouldn't equate to steady-speed highway travel.
I leave in the morning for a BEV out-of-towner and won't be home until Sunday evening.
I'll be back on the computer Monday, and can have some numbers to talk about then.
No doubt, other members will chime in, in the meantime.
60-mpg @ 80-mph is technically feasible, however it will require quite a bit of custom fabrication, and, shooting from the hip, expect you'd be looking at extending the body at the rear.
If you haven't seen the 2012 Coventry University modifications to the Audi A2, you'd probably want to. They dropped drag from Cd 0.288, to Cd 0.204, without adding a millimeter of length! A good starting point.
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