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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
If you want to minimize the effects of headwinds and tailwinds on your car, install an airspeed indicator so that you can compare your airspeed to your ground speed. This lets you determine when you are in a head/tail wind situation, so you can drop your ground speed to compensate for the added drag of a headwind or increase your ground speed, if desired, to take advantage of a tailwind. Also, if you are in a drafting situation, it lets you know the best position for optimum drafting effect. Airspeed indicators sold for ultralight aircraft cover the usual highway speeds.
Some 20 years ago I installed an aircraft airspeed indicator on my F250 truck that I still use for towing a travel trailer. It registers up to 100 MPH, which is more than sufficient for my needs.

The airspeed registers exactly the same as the speedometer's ground speed when it's calm, but in a blowing wind the instrument really shows the effect the wind has on drag, both positive and negative.

I will also say that the airspeed indicator needle really gets busy in heavy traffic with all the moving objects passing by the vehicle.
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