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Turtle Hypermiling game (eco driving score from avg. trip speed and avg. fuel consumption)

Hi guys,

friends of mine had the idea to play a hypermiling game against each other. One of us made an excel sheet with a "eco/driving score". The score is the result of two numbers.

Number 1: Average trip speed (whole trip, also idling)
Number 2: Average trip fuel consumption

The values of trip speed are:
0 Km/h = 0 points
150 Km/h = 100 points

The values of trip fuel consumption are:
10 l/100km = 0 points
3,8 l/100km = 100 points

So it basically looks like that now:

Some of you might say, just use the gas mileage not speed, but we thought it better to also add the average trip speed. Since the person who has to drive on the german Autobahn would have a huge disadvantage, because speeds are much higher compared to rural back roads.

What do you think, do you see any lack of logic, or see any improvements or suggestions for the game/formula? I can upload the excel sheet if anyone is curious about the formula.

Side note: We're not driving hybrids or BEVs, we're driving cars with gas combustion engines.

I'm not good enough with numbers, so I'm not able transform the excel-formula into miles and miles per gallon.

I hope my post is not too confusing, english isn't my first language obviously.

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