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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
As a tangent thought experiment, EVs tend to get better efficiency the slower they go. However, some EVs are terribly inefficient at providing cabin heat to the occupants because resistive heating is used. That means a stopped car is still consuming a large amount of energy. There has to be some speed at which an EV is most efficient so it isn't spending a ton of time heating the cabin. Of course, there are many variables involved so there isn't a single answer.

I imagine there's some minimum speed in an ICE at which point going any slower is also inefficient. An engine at idle, for example, isn't very efficient.
It's a hard number to pin down.

You could take a flat plane paved highway and drive a vehicle down it at different constant speeds with zero wind, at sea level, with average humidity, etc. There will be a specific constant speed at which the car is most efficient.

But then add small changes in grade... I notice in some hilly areas I actually get better fuel mileage. My guess is it forces me to pulse and glide. I got to drive up at about 80% throttle and back down pretty much coasting on every hill.
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