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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
I currently have a "stock" block heater on the Avalon. It's called a "cartridge" heater and slips into a specially designed hole on the engine block. It works ok, but only keeps the engine at about 30°F above ambient temperature and takes several hours to reach it, so in the winter the engine may never be above freezing when I start it. I think it's 200W but am unsure.

In the past I've used 1,500W circulating tank heaters on other vehicles such as a 1.6L 1985 VW Golf diesel engine. That heater would make a difference in as little as 15 minutes. 2 hours or less would have the engine up to running temperatures even in freezing temps. I'd like to get a couple of these again, one for each of my cars.

I had a 150W heated oil plate heater on the 1972 VW Super Bug that worked ok for an aircooled engine.
Hmmm I wonder if there’s one with my Hyundai Ioniq. It hates the cold!

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