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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
Warning!?! What is this warning you speak of?
Had a cop "pull me over" once when I was already parked and walking into a store. He said I was doing 85 in a 35. Well, I never went above 2nd gear I told him, and then immediately had to brake because I had arrived at my destination. He let me off saying he would keep an eye out for my red motorcycle.

On the other side of things, I've had bogus speeding and improper lane change tickets stick.

98% of the time I've been in the wrong and the officer is right. Sometimes they get it wrong.

Scott Adams suggests when an officer pulls you over, asking "how can I help us be safe?". I find that being on the officer's side is a better strategy for avoiding severe reprimand than being adversarial. Rarely are they intending to be cruel, thought it happens, but usually just seeking to create order out of chaos.

In prison one officer told me the moment he saw me that he intended to "take all my goodtime", a 20% sentence reduction for good behavior. Another misfit officer would just bully at a grade school level, like knock the books I was carrying out of my hands. 10% were outstanding officers, 80% were ok, and 10% were POS; pretty similar to the rest of society. They come from society, just like all of us... I didn't lose any good time, and I was never prisoner to small-mindedness.
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