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Im not sure about the rear wing if that helps or not but I have a 95 XJ and ive been inspired by this site and others fora couple months now. I have done many many mechanical mods and minor aero mods but these belly pans look good my next project i think. Also what else do you guys have done here is my long list.

1995 jeep cherokee 2 door auto 4.0
-50psi all 4 tires
-removed roof rack, removed all carpets and did rino lined floors, removed rear seats, spare tire, jack, hitch, and other heavy items removed front driveshaft too
-Hydrogen cell producing about 1.8 to 2.0 using KOH, a bubbler, and injected in intake tube right before TB. also have an efie to lean out the 02 and map sensor
-all new jeep sensor, map, 02, iac, iat, temp etc.
-custom large 3.0 inch warm air intake off the header
-pacesetter header back exhuast with high flow cat
-new bosch fuel efficent spray injectors, old jeep ones are ineficent pencil spray
-all accell high output wires, coil, cap, rotor.
-e3 larger gapped plugs than stock
-all low viscosity oils 0w20motor, 75 80w differentals and all sunthetic fluids everywhere. high efficent oil filter for synthetics (AMSOIL)
-add 5 ounce acetone, 5 ounce xylene, and 2 ounce 2 cycle synthetic additive to every fill up
-blow by catcher off of pcv valve keeps that extra oil out
-removed clutch fan and have adjustable temp electric fan coming on at 210, also have highest 195 thermostat to run as hot as possible
-throttle body spacer with the tornado lines in it supposivley helps mpg
-run engine restore every oil change, run z max every other oil change in everything, run octane boost every 3 fuel fill ups, run fuel system cleaner every 4 fill ups.

Yea long list im sure ive forgot some but i still cant get past 20mpg city, I DONT DRIVE HIGHWAY THIS IS ALL CITY.

What else can i do besides buy a hybrid, lol
I am still tuning the HHO, i have obd1 so no scan guage i have talked to yoshi and he is building me a US mpgguino and i need to install a wideband 02 sensor so i can lean it out the hho safely. Also should i do that newer intake manifold that suppoisvley gives the older 4.0 motors better hp, or is that just hp at wot or better FE all around? i may do it what you tink.
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