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New Fuel Economy Information site

Frustrated by bad publicity about good technologies that work well when done right — but almost never are…

Frustrated by exaggerated claims about good technologies that almost always work — to a degree…

Frustrated by lack of information on good technologies few folks know about but work EXTREMELY well…

Frustrated by total and complete mis-information widely propagated on a variety of topics…

And finally, frustrated by high fuel prices…

I spent literally weeks creating numerous web pages on various topics, as well as posting videos to help educate the masses. Of course there will be some here that adamantly disagree with some of the claims (opinions) I make, but I touch on over 30 years of working in the Fuel Economy field. This represents a snippet of my “opinions” based on my experience. I am recognized by the US Federal Courts as a “Fuel Economy Expert” (earned the hard way, sad to say), and was the technical back-bone for more than one recognizable technology. However, that does not mean I know everything.

You are invited to review the material, and offer constructive feedback. I’m sure you will learn something new. I read the posted guidelines, have lurked for a couple months now, reading through several interesting threads, and finally feel comfortable bringing this to the Ecomodder family. Here are the links:

MPGenie Program | Ecoceptor

Ecoceptor Videos | Ecoceptor

These are direct links not yet linked from the home page.

Recovering Gasaholic
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