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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
This is the part I was lookiing for:
What role did Andy Granatelli play in Motorkote? None as far as I'm aware - he was just an inspiration for his ability to market oil. But they throw his name out there to cash in on the halo effect.

This is just poor writing for 'immiscible'.
Agreed, but it has nothing to do with oil. They're just throwing around a bunch of technical jargon to try to impress/confuse people.

Adding dihydrogen monoxide to my cooling system really helped keep my engine happy! Of course it was half-empty before hand, and dihydrogen monoxide is just plain water, but it is much easier to sell if it sounds complicated.

Not sure why you dragged your neighbor into it.
Just illustrating the logical fallacies in these scammy products. Have you ever had a problem with clean oil clogging an oil filter? Of course not. But Motorkote doesn't clog filters! It doesn't contain agent orange. It doesn't cheat on its taxes. Surely if it doesn't do some bad things, it must be good!

So does it measurably improve performance? *crickets*

This is all marketing misdirection - they don't want you to linger on the glaringly obvious lack of any real benefit so they distract with nonsense. And it works.

For what it is worth, I've fallen victim to this snake oil marketing before (in my case it was Slick50). Lighten your wallet and improve acceleration...
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