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Would anyone like to sell the rack they just removed?

With everyone removing their roof racks in the interest of aerodynamic efficiency, I was wondering if any of you would be willing to send one my way. My '92 Cherokee came bare bones without a roof rack, and I would like to add one to carry my oversize spare on (free up room in the rear interior). Before anyone gets on my case about aerodynamics, be aware that my Jeep seldom cruises at highway speed. Most times it travels 15 to 35 mph through sandy roads and trails here in the NJ Pine Barrens. Aerodynamic drag is hardly a concern.

Also, to keep things on point... I agree that removing the rack and any other drag inducing items is a good thing for highway travel. Cleaning up the undercarriage would be a good one too, although it may prove very difficult to fabricate an efficient belly pan to smooth out the entire underside. The best bet is to keep highway speed below 60 mph, as air drag increases by a factor of 4 for every doubling in speed. Tire inflation, tune ups, air filter, avoid sudden acceleration etc. Often overlooked is chopping down the vehicle weight. Remove back seat if not being used, space saver spare, don't carry unnecessary cargo, aluminum bumper? (my '84 GTi had one). A lighter vehicle is more efficient than a heavy one.
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