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An amazing thing happened.

Only in the last few years I learned about an Elvis Presley movie called Follow That Dream.

Originally Posted by rockolaray
Pop Kwimpel (Arthur O'Connell), son Toby (Elvis Presley) and their ragtag clan of adopted orphans wind up marooned on the side of the road in Florida, so they set up a makeshift home on the beach. Soon, uptight local bureaucrat H. Arthur King (Alan Hewitt) orders them off the land, but the state government doesn't back him up. An enraged King then sets out to get his way, using manipulative social worker Alisha Claypoole (Joanna Moore) as part of his scheme to evict the Kwimpels.
An anarchist tale from 1962. Who knew? Anyway I talked to my brother this evening and he has a dispute with his neighbors over a County right-of-way between them. The neighbor [over-]planted it full of trees and my brother just plans to out-live him and clear them.

Now the Antifa crowd in Seattle and Portland haven't read Temporary Autonomous Zones by Hakim Bey, but I have.

I can set up a Pirate Utopia and cede it to my niece when she gets out of lockup.
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