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Problems I see:

Some of these modifications are *illegal* in most of the world, particularly the US. Not that this would stop me. But, I would consider looking into implications of *selling* illegal modifications, especially with the recent crackdowns.

A large portion of modifications listed are at best fringe or circumstantial benefits (fuel heating, electronic enhancers, additives) at worst proven snake oil (magnets), or something in between (super carbs, smart emissions reducer, interjector, HHO).

What I don't see are any of the real, low hanging fruit. There are items that may give a tenth of a percent improvement described and for sale, but none of the single or double digit A-B-A tested and proven mods.

I have to say, overall the site reminds me of the affiliate marketing sites that were the rage in the late 90's and early 2000's.

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