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Originally Posted by mpgmike View Post
The studies I've looked at start at 9000 Gauss and culminated with a high end of around 25k Gauss. The Magnetic Heat Exchanger I've played with and tested uses 80k Gauss magnets. I assure you that of the hundreds of vehicles I'm aware of it being installed on, there has never been an issue due to too much magnetism under the hood interfering with electronics.
Can you show me where you found your 80k gauss magnets? Just as an example, a 2" x 2" x 1" N48 magnet (like I have sitting on my desk) has a ~250lb pull force and can very easily break your fingers, and would risk ripping things off in the engine bay that have any kind of steel on or in them, tearing fuel lines and wires. Its surface field is approximately 5,000 gauss.
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