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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
The reasons for having them have already been mentioned, but I'll mention them again.
  • High electric rates. If at around 10 cents a kWh it takes 15 years to hit a payback period, then at 20 cents it will take 10 years, and at 30 cents only five. If you keep the car longer than 5 years in an area like that it could cost less with the solar panels than without.
  • Lack of personal EVSE. Not everyone can have one installed where they live, and those that can may have to spend anywhere up to $2,000 or even more to have it done. Granted, a $1,500 panel on the top of the car isn't going to replace going to a public charging station from time to time for most people, but it could help reduce having to do that, maybe even significantly.
  • It can work. Sail boats work. Bicycle pedals work. DIY veggie oil fuel in a diesel works. Sure, there are lots of disadvantages to each of those. Don't expect to be able to daily drive a sailboat for a commuter to college or pedal your bicycle to Hawaii or drive on veggie oil in the winter. Although few and far between, people have been putting solar panels on EV's for decades; and many of those with realistic expectations have been satisfied with the results. Even if Aptera flops like they did last time and no one gets a solar powered Aptera, other people will be putting solar panels on top of other EVs and will be perfectly happy getting a few miles here and there from sunlight.
Now that's selling false hope. With regular EVs people thought a level 1 charger would keep them going. Some it does, getting to people to buy "an electric vehicle that never needs to be plugged in" is going to make a lot of angry customers and a lot of buyers remorse.

Oh and trust me one does not simply unsolder bad cells or repair broken connections on a finished solar panel.
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