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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Exotic cars are pretty common around the Portland area - at least compared to anyplace else I've lived. In the 2 hours my wife and I were at the dealership buying our latest used car (2011 Acura TSX Sportwagen) 4 or 5 Lamborghinis and Ferraris zipped by the dealership getting into the throttle off the light next to the dealership. Porsches are an everyday sighting.
Yup. Iím so desensitized to exotic cars in Portland now. When I was younger, Iíd freak out if I saw a lambo or mcclaren. Now Iím like ď mehĒ

And here in the ď silicon forestĒ part of Portland, donít even get me started on how many teslas and Audi e tron and Porsche tay cans I see every day
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