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Standard trans swap for '96-'00 Civic?

For '96 - '00 Civic - Can one swap in a different tranny or some different gears?? I'm only talking about standard trans here, not auto. Maybe just a final drive swap for lower rpms?

For me I think that taller gearing in top gear would be the goal. I'm on the highway a lot. Of course I don't want to be crippled in town but a slightly higher 1st gear plus slightly taller spacing between all steps should give a good drop in rpms when in 4th and 5th, right? Or any path to a higher 5th gear might be good of course.

I gotta admit, not (yet) owning any Honda I'm not familiar with the different trannies etc. that were used. So I hope you'll be gentle and not send my head spinning with toooo much new jargon.

I find not too many HX on the market. But plenty of the other versions like EX, LX, DX. If one could change the gearing you could probably get a few extra mpg... probably nearly as good as the HX mpg when you're all done. Just without the lean burn - but we know it's possible to get good FE without lean burn. And cheaper Oxy sensors, too!

My mechanical skills are medium. I've been pretty intrepid in modding my own car and have done my share of tuneups, brake work, some suspension work - but I've never pulled an engine or tranny and never pulled a head.


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