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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I advocate the use of spreadsheets for most decision making, even subjective decisions like what to eat for dinner.

I made a spreadsheet where I listed various dinners, and rated 1-5 how much I liked each one. Then I had my wife rate each dish. Then I rated how difficult each dish was to prepare. My preference added to my wife's preference, and divided by preparation difficulty shows which dishes we should have more frequently.

Similarly, I have a spreadsheet of tasks I want to accomplish. I rate how important each task is and how long it will take to complete. The tasks are then ranked with the easiest and most important being the ones to focus on, with those most difficult and least important at the end. I never look at this list because then I'd have to do the things on it rather than the things that interest me.

Anyhow, mods could easily be ranked by % improvement vs cost/difficulty to implement.
That is awesome! I forwarded this post onto the little woman, I think she will like that post.
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