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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
The only thing in that article I found surprisingly was the last part about EVs being much more efficient than gas cars.
EVs might ultimately be more efficient, yet the ICE still has its advantages such as versatility. Odd enough, while running on biofuels which can rely on organic waste as a feedstock, eventually an ICE might fare even better when it comes to "sustainability", either directly as the motive power of a car or in a genset used to charge the batteries of an EV.

Of course they had to add in that EVs have no soul and aren’t fun to drive.
Had EVs been all that exciting, Porsche would've never had to put a fake engine sound on the Taycan.

Hagerty is a classic car insurer and write articles targeted at the old and conservative crowd you normally see at a classic car show.
Today there was a small car show near my neighborhood, with just a few cars on display and mostly Volkswagens, a '51 Chevrolet, a '48 Ford Deluxe coupé, a '62 Brazilian F-100 and a '28 Ford Model A Tudor, and 2 imports of the '90s which are still not officially considered "collectible" according to Brazilian law. Trust me, I have even seen some kinds of people who don't seem to be much interested about cars at all, taking a glance at the classics.
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