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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
To each their own. 30 years ago I loved loud bikes and cars (and have the tinnitus to prove it) Today, I find them annoying to be around a drive. My last trip to NC I had a Challenger as a rental and the exhaust note was just obnoxious. It was fun for about 5 minutes and then just got old. 4 hours on the highway felt like punishment.

My first ride on a Zero motorcycle was a revelation. I didn't miss the noise or gear changes. Gliding along with nothing but wind noise made riding a bike feel even more like flying. The lack of gear changes was one less thing to distract from hitting the apex just right.

The lack of exhaust noise also makes it easier to drive at the limit. You hear the tires start to squeal much sooner than when it is drowned out by a loud exhaust.
What you describe sounds exhilarating, but not soulful.

I too am annoyed by needlessly noisy vehicles. In my view, an ICE should be as quiet as possible when driven normally, and have a monsterous reply when pushed hard.

I don't think it's just nostalgia either. I can marvel at the engineering of an old steam engine even though I have not lived when they were in common use.

EVs seem like utilitarian instruments that you simply scrap when the battery wears out. Of course, most ICE vehicles are this way too, and lack soul because they were designed as utilitarian instruments.

A passing EV won't stir my soul like listening to an old Beetle take off. The auditory experience is so crucial to the character of a vehicle. Heck, if Harley's sounded like Hondas, they would no longer be made.
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