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I think that Zig-Zag tape works, after reading the sailplane info/study and seeing what Neal Blanchard did with his DIY ZZ tape.

The wing-oil-flow pictures were impressive. It's hard for me to understand how something that thin can have such a positive affect. Preventing flow separation/ maintaining smooth air flow. (Like golf ball dimples?)

Since it seems to be doing something down about 1mm off the steel, I'm not sure exactly what it would do 'ahead of wheel arches'..
It might cause the flow to hang on to the metal and flow around inside the wheel well. (Making things worse?).

I think you are right about the airtabs. Sticking them 'ahead of wheel arches' would likely just cause more drag. Since they are so large..

I wouldn't put anything in around those arches. (Except maybe a wheel skirt)..

My crazy thinking about suppressing turbulence around the front wheel,
is to use a skirt (like in the above pic), or try a moon disc and some heavy duty ZZ tape 'ahead of wheel arches'.. Nothing too big. Maybe 1 or 2 MM thick. Nothing that will add more sq inches to the frontal area..
A ZZ patten that would generate a curtain of small vortexes, one every few mm.

In my day dream, these small vortexes off the ZZ tape would flow over the wheel well gap to the top of the moon disc. Spinning across the disc just above it's surface. Smooth!!
Then, there's the problem of the rear wheel arch gap..
Maybe confused air at that point could be helped out by some more ZZ tape.

Like Neil used on his A-pillar.. But on the leading edge of the arch..?.

Maybe some before-and-after yarn testing just forward of the door would tell you something. I'm a novice at this stuff. Just trying to learn the ropes..

Good luck!

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